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t18 - ISWAT G3 (Near-Earth Space Radiation and Plasma Environment) cluster progress report and next-step discussions

Yihua Zheng (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center), Ian Mann (University of Alberta)

TDM type: 3. Service/Project Feedback

This session will be dedicated to the activities of the G3 cluster under the COSPAR/ISWAT (International Space Weather Action Teams) initiative ( and the progress made by its different teams (}. It also aims to attract more participants to the cluster. The G3 cluster focuses on the near-Earth radiation and plasma environment, which poses challenges from both science and space weather-impact perspectives.

The objectives of the G3 cluster include 1) performing impact-driven model assessment; 2) Advancing science understanding and modeling capability of the near-Earth radiation and plasma environment; 3) staying current with relevant clusters' progress and actively seeking collaborative inter-cluster efforts.

The objectives of this TDM are: 1) team leads/representatives of the G3 cluster providing progress reports; 2) focusing on COSPAR Space Weather Roadmap paper writing and progress reports; 3) carrying out next step discussions including model validation efforts and collaborative opportunities.

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