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t16 - Arrival time and impact of Coronal Mass Ejections: A user story

Christine Verbeke (Royal Observatory Belgium), Suzy Bingham (Met Office), M. Leila Mays (NASA GSFC/CCMC)

TDM type: 1. Event Impact

Over the past decades, a wide variety of models have been developed that are able to model the arrival time and possible impact of Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs} at Earth and other locations. When the community wants to validate different models,it is important  that appropriate metrics are agreed upon and established in consultation with both scientists and user experts. During this meeting we would like to focus on the side of the user experts and make the connection back to the developed models and metrics. First we will give an update on the recent progress of the CME arrival time and impact working team from the COSPAR ISWAT initiative (International Space Weather Action Teams). Afterwards user experts present a short overview on how they use the model outputs and their needs and then we will open up the room for discussion items that are relevant to this working team in relation with forecasting operations: What outputs from models are users using? And what would they like to see? What metrics are most important to them? How are ensemble outputs used and how could they be made more useful? What outputs are used as inputs for other models? What are extra things we can provide users?

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