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t12 - CGMS Steps to improve the provision of in-orbit space weather observations to users

Juha-Pekka Luntama (European Space Agency), Elsayed Talaat (NOAA), Andrew Monham (EUMETSAT)

TDM type: 3. Service/Project Feedback

This TDM is a follow-on from the highly successful TDM OPERATIONAL SPACE WEATHER USER SURVEY OUTCOME: WHAT'S WORKING AND WHAT'S NOTI from ESWW 2019. The objective is to discuss with the users of the space weather measurement data, space weather service providers,industry and end users critical topics that impact the implementation of future space weather monitoring missions and utilisation of the data from these mission in operational applications and scientific research. The topics that will be discussed in the TOM include, but are not limited to: - Standardisation of space weather data and metadata models and product formats - Data availability and latency - Standardised data delivery mechanisms - Readiness of the users to utilise data from coming missions (new GEO missions,SWFO,Lagrage, hosted payloads,smallsats and nanosatellites) The discussions and the user feedback from this TOM are very important for the preparations taking place in other international forums including CGMS, WMO,and UN COPUOS and international standardisation efforts.



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