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t10 - COSPAR International Space Weather Action Teams: A global Hub for Collaborations Addressing Challenges Across the Field of Space Weather

Location: Auditorium A

Maria Kuznetsova (NASA GSFC)

TDM type: 3. Service/Project Feedback

COSPAR Panel on Space Weather facilitated establishment of a global network of International Space Weather Action Teams (ISWAT,, @lswatCosparOrg). The primary ISWAT goal is to multiply efforts to advance space weather predictive capabilities based on best science available. The ISWAT currently includes more than 350 active participants and 50 action teams organized into ISWAT Clusters, by domain, phenomena, impact, or overarching activity. Action teams are working in coordinated effort across physical domains to build source-to-impact pathways. Topics for discussion will include on-going community-wide projects and campaigns led by ISWAT teams and clusters, and on-going efforts to establish a process for community-driven Space Weather roadmap update.