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t09 - Nanosatellites for Space Weather Monitoring

Melanie Heil (European Space Agency), Piers Jiggens (European Space Agency)

TDM type: 3. Service/Project Feedback

Monitoring of the Earth's and Sun's environment is an essential task for the now- and forecasting of Space Weather and the modelling of interactions between the Sun and the Earth. Due to the asymmetry and complexity of Earth's magnetosphere, the involved particle environment and its dynamics, it is necessary to capture the state of the magnetic field and the particle distribution in a sufficiently large number of sampling points around the Earth, such that it allows state-monitoring and modelling of the involved processes with sufficient accuracy and timeliness. Can nanosatellites provide the solution to establishing this distributed system with the need for high reliability and low latency given the operational purpose of the observations? We will discuss the current opportunities and limitations and the future role of nanosatellites in operational Space Weather monitoring. Participants wishing to provide input on recent/ongoing/upcoming space weather focused nanosatellite missions are encouraged to contact the conveners in advance.

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