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t08 - Space Weather Business Needs and Solutions

Alexi Glover (European Space Agency), Daniel Heynderickx (DHConsultancy)

TDM type: 4.Other

As space weather service provision matures towards providing operational support for European end users and beyond,the increasing range of tools and data available offer numerous opportunities for business. Businesses may take advantage of increasingly available data and product resources in order to develop new downstream business cases and experienced software specialists may be looking to partner with academic organisations on transitioning research modelling capability towards robust service provision, to give some examples. This TOM aims to initiate a dialogue within the ESWW community around business development needs for the space weather domain. We will discuss current challenges and opportunities and invite participants to consider what activities and initiatives would best support the community in establishing an active network of commercial enterprises,ready to meet the upcoming challenges of operational service provision. We welcome participants from all areas of the space weather community,in particular those workingwith established businesses and/or start-ups within the community and those who may be considering to establish new enterprises.

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13 September 2021

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01 October 2021

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