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t04 - Discussing the interest of a platform to bridge the gap between operational and institutional fields

Julien Cantegreil (SpaceAble), Robin Bouvier (SpaceAble)

TDM type: 3. Service/Project Feedback

During this TOM, SpaceAble would like to question the interest and the relevance of its ISSAN platform on the Space Weather side. The idea behind this platform is to bridge the gap, to be the interface between research and operations and/or insurers. The purpose is to facilitate the access to information and solutions for new space operators. There are plenty of platforms, institutes or agencies working on the topic, but most of the data and services they offer are quite difficult to use without a space weather expertise. By working closely with experts from the space weather community, SpaceAble will specifically adapt ISSAN to every operator's needs. In a way, ISSAN would work as a translator for operators and insurers. The work done on ISSAN will not replace current platforms but will instead interpret these platforms in alignment with users' needs. ISSAN will contain most of the accessible space weather data (from solar and geomagnetic indices to satellites measurements or even output of well-known environment models and platforms). The added value from SpaceAble will hide in the design, the accessibility, the user experience, and the user interface. It might also help users following the current status of the space weather community and collect data relevant to their work. Finally, it is worth noticing that it will contain Al tools to generate new information from the aforementioned data: forecasting, anomaly detection, missing data, spatial expansion and so on. Hence, the purpose of this TOM is to understand how the research community and SpaceAble could work together on these issues. What could the platform offer to researchers? Could it be a place where to collect various data in the desired format? And what could the community bring to SpaceAble? The discussion should address these questions and help SpaceAble understand how to be aligned with the community values.

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