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t03 - Towards coordinated validation activities within the space weather community

Suzy Bingham (Met Office, UK), Alexi Glover (ESA), Michaela Mooney (University College London, UK)

TDM type: 4.Other

There has been considerable activity within the space weather community over recent years on validation activities both for models and services,as case studies and within developing frameworks. However,we don't yet have a community-wide agreed set of methodologies and metrics to measure accuracy,or suitability for transition to operations. This discussion focussed TDM complements Session cd04 and aims to:

  • Encourage dialogue on a topical subject that is relevant to all space weather domains and is of importance to modellers, developers, service providers and end-users
  • Discuss emerging frameworks and efforts on going to support coordinated validation activities
  • Gather further community recommendations on coordination of validation methodologies and metrics for models and services in support of R20 and 02R activities
  • Identify recommended steps towards achieving and maintaining community agreed methodologies and metrics for validation

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13 September 2021

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01 October 2021

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