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t02 - PITHIA-NRF: The European Commission H2020 Plasmasphere Ionosphere and Thermosphere Integrated Research Environment and Trans National Access Services

Anna Belehaki (National Observatory of Athens), Ingemar Häggström (EISCAT), AngelikiThanasou (National Observatory of Athens)

TDM type: 3. Service/Project Feedback

PITHIA-NRF aims at building a European distributed network that integrates observing facilities, data processing tools and prediction models dedicated to ionosphere, thermosphere and plasmasphere research. For the first time,PITHIA-NRF integrates on a European scale, and opens up,to all European researchers,key national and regional research infrastructures such as EISCAT, LOFAR, lonosondes and Digisondes,GNSS receivers, Doppler sounding systems,riometers, and VLF receivers, ensuring optimal use and joint development. PITHIA-NRF is designed to provide organized access to experimental facilities, FAIR data, standardized data products, training and innovation services. Furthermore, PITHIA-NRF facilitates drastically research advances in the field of upper atmosphere and near-Earth space,through the integration of data collections from satellite missions (such as Cluster,DEMETER, Swarm and CHAMP) and results from key prediction models (such as IPIM-IRAP,MCM-SWAMI,SWIF and EUHFORIA) that can be accessed by scientific users for join exploitation with the data collected from the research infrastructures of the network. The TOM aims at discussing with the ESWW community some key issues in PITHIA-NRF developments including,the trans-national access programme, the training and innovation programme, and its plan for expandability and sustainability.


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