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t01 - Developing operational SpWx products to support systems impaired by ionospheric effects

Sean Elvidge (University of Birmingham), Matthew Angling (University of Birmingham)

TDM type: 3. Service/Project Feedback

The ionosphere can impair the operation of many radio systems operating at frequencies of approximately 2GHz or lower.This has been known for many years and there have been many cases where methods for the mitigation of ionospheric effects have been incorporated internally to the systems themselves - an example is the use of an ionospheric model within a GNSS system. Such efforts will continue; however,there is also a move to provide space weather services externally to affected systems. Examples include the SWIMMR activities in the UK and the ICAO space weather centres. This TOM will explore the boundary between internal and external mitigation within the context of ongoing development programmes and try to identify productive areas for ionospheric development in the near future.

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