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swr06 Space Weather Instrumentation

Conveners: Jackie Davies (RAL Space) and Keith Ryden (University of Surrey)

Space-weather services, and the underpinning research, are critically reliant on data from ground and space-borne instruments making observations and measurement of a number of different regimes, from the Sun to the terrestrial surface. Not all of these are dedicated space-weather assets; many are pre-existing scientific instruments being exploited for their operational space-weather potential. Some of this critical infrastructure is aging and/or not optimised for provision of data with the required cadence, latency, observational range, sensitivity, etc. In some areas, efforts are actively underway to augment or replace current assets (e.g. ESA’s Lagrange and D3S programmes) while, in other areas, consolidated space weather observational/measurement requirements are only just emerging. The purpose of this session is to provide a forum devoted to all issues (e.g. hardware, software, operations) relating to space-weather instruments, observing space-weather sources but also its effects. These instruments need not be currently in operation, but also under development or merely conceptual.

Topics include:

  • Emerging requirements for space-weather instrumentation/data;
  • Ground-based in-situ and remote-sensing space-weather instruments (e.g. riometers, magnetometers, neutron monitors) and networks;
  • Balloon and aircraft-based in-situ and remote-sensing space-weather instruments (e.g. radiation monitors, coronagraphs);
  • Space-based in-situ and remote-sensing space-weather instruments (e.g. plasma analysers, EUV imagers) and missions.