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ps04 Spacecraft operations

Location: Main Auditorium (and any potential overflow to Level 1)

Convener: Dave Pitchford; Co-conveners – Alexi Glover, Ewan Haggarty, and Hugh Evans

 The effect of Space Weather on established operational systems such as large geostationary communications & meteorological satellites and ESA / NASA Science Missions has been a popular topic in previous European Space Weather Week conferences, where there has been considerable focus on maintaining robust space environment specifications whilst taking into account evolving scientific understanding of Solar Physics and Near-Earth Space processes.

This session will focus for the first time on the effect of Space Weather on the emerging Mega-Constellations of small satellites such as Planet, Spire, OneWeb, Starlink and Telesat-LEO. We invite researchers, service providers and constellation designers / manufacturers / operators to provide their thoughts on the impact of Space Weather on the operations and services provided by these constellations:

  • Historical events fast-forwarded to today: what impact could 1972, 1989, Bastille Day or Halloween Storm events have on the emerging mega-constellations?
  • Views on the inherent robustness of mega-constellations to Extreme Space Weather Events.
  • Are there aspects of the space environment and its variability that particularly impact mega-constellations?
  • Tailoring space weather information for mega-constellation operators and designers: a new service user group?
  • Mega-constellations as a host of sensors and source of Space Weather Data?
  • Managing Mega-Constellations and complex technological systems in Extreme Space Weather Events – the need for Situational Awareness, Operator / User Training and Exercise Scenarios.
  • Are certain classes of Critical Service Delivery unsuited to mega-constellation provision due to Space Weather vulnerabilities?

The Session will include a Discussion Panel to allow conversation between Stakeholders and finally questions from the audience.