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ps03 Ionospheric effects

Location: Main Auditorium (and any potential overflow to Level 1)

Chairs: Matt Angling (in-person) and Sean Elvidge (virtual)

Convener: Matthew Angling; Co-convener: Sean Elvidge

The ionosphere is a complex coupled system that affects a wide range of trans-ionospheric and sub-ionospheric radio frequency (RF) systems operating below approximately 2 GHz. These systems include satellite communications, GNSS, space-based radars and space situational awareness radars. There is increasing recognition of this topic across Europe; for example, in the UK it will form an important part of the Space Weather Instrumentation, Measurement, Modelling and Risk (SWIMMR) project. This will address issues of transitioning research to operations, and of providing robust and continuous verification of products.

We shall convene a plenary session on ionospheric effects covering aspects of ionospheric measurement, modelling, and mitigation applicable to the wide range of impacted RF systems. The session shall include a panel discussion in order to foster dialogue between scientists, service providers and users, and to provide a more informal forum for discussion and dissemination of SWIMMR, and other, activities.