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ps02 Novel radio diagnostics for science operational space weather service applications

Location: Main Auditorium (and any potential overflow to Level 1)

Conveners: Hanna Rothkaehl, and Pietro Zucca

Radio wave instruments on-board spacecraft together with ground-based radio observatories are key tools for diagnostic the local space plasma properties. These radio observations may be used to derive accurate empirical inputs for forecasting models and operational space weather services tools.

In particular, solar flares, eruptive prominences, CMEs, ionospheric disturbances, and Solar Wind streams may emit radio waves and/or interact with radio waves. The resulting radio emission can be used as proxy in now-casting and/or forecasting activities.

Radio observations contribute to a large variety of diagnostics ranging from the ionosphere to the heliosphere and the Sun. The Radio instruments considered in this framework include facilities such as LOFAR, space-based missions like Parker Solar Probe and Solar Orbiter, and ultimately, novel radio facilities such as the Square Kilometer Array (SKA) and new space borne satellite interferometry.

This session is aimed at presenting the state-of-the-art of radio diagnostics possibilities and techniques and to discuss the operational scenarios of radio instruments for Space Weather. Special attention will be given to the required Space Weather services and to the contribute of the existing and forthcoming new facilities. These include the mission concept of an interferometer in space, made by a constellation of small spacecraft designed to localise and track the radio emission in the heliosphere.