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swr04 - Ionospheric interactions

Wednesday 27 October 15:15-16:30 (BST)


Field-aligned current and auroral cusp spot during an interval of BY-dominated interplanetary-field; modelled-to-observed comparisons
Jennifer Carter, University of Leicester, UK


Global Pi2 pulsation observed in the magnetosphere, ionosphere and on the ground
Essam Ghamry, National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics, Egypt


Large-scale dune aurora event investigation combining citizen scientists' photographs and spacecraft observations
Maxime Grandin, University of Helsinki, Finland


Performance assessment of a near-real-time operational data assimilation system: Assimilation Canadian High Arctic Ionospheric Model (A-CHAIM)
David Themens, University of Birmingham, UK


Selection of the most suitable proxy of solar activity for long-term ionospheric climate studies
Jan Lastovicka, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic

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