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swr04 - Ionospheric interactions

Tuesday 26 October 13:45-15:00 (BST)


Variability of the spatio-temporal scales in the ionosphere at Swarm altitudes: a climatological approach
Lasse Clausen, University of Oslo, Norway


Monitoring ionospheric scintillations with cubesats in the Spire Space Weather Watch (SW2) project
Giorgio Savastano, Spire Global Luxembourg S.a.r.l, Luxembourg


Magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling in ionospheric modeling: different ways, advances, and problems
Maxim Klimenko, St Petersburg University, Russia


Prediction and understanding of the ionospheric electron density based on machine learning
Artem Smirnov, GFZ Potsdam, Germany


On the Contribution of Particle Precipitation to Ionospheric Plasma Structuring
Florine Enengl, University of Oslo, Norway

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