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ps04 - Spacecraft operations

Friday 29 October – 08:45-10:15 (BST)


Supporting Space Weather Forecasting: a Virtual Reality approach
Evridiki Ntagiou, ESA/ESOC, USA


Interactive Tool to Visualize Space Weather Scenarios and Event Probability
Delores Knipp, University of Colorado Boulder, USA


Realtime and Tailored NAIRAS Products for Assessment of Aviation Radiation Risks and SEE Radiation Risks for LEO Space Assets
Yihua Zheng, NASA/GSFC, USA


Real-time predictions and comparison with 87 year reconstruction of the radiation belt fluxes
Yuri Shprits, GFZ, UK


Lowering to the Occasion: Meeting Society’s Needs in the Age of Proliferated LEO
Paul O'Brien, The Aerospace Corporation, USA


Panel discussion


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