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ps02 - Novel radio diagnostics for science operational space weather service applications

Wednesday 27 October– 08:45 -10:15 (BST)


Opening remarks


When the problem becomes a solution: observing the Sun with solar induced noise from the SMOS mission
Manuel Flores-Soriano, Universidad de Alcala, Spain


SunDish Project: Single-Dish Solar Imaging with INAF Radio Telescopes
Giulia Murtas, University of Exeter, UK


Tracing the Passage of CMEs in the Inner Heliosphere with LOFAR
Richard Fallows, ASTRON - the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy, The Netherlands


LOFAR as monitoring tool for ionospheric scintillation in mid latitude region
Mariusz Po┼╝oga, Space Research Centre Polish Academy of Science, Poland


DISTURB: real-time solar spectrum monitoring from 3 to 3000~MHz
Michiel Brentjens, ASTRON, The Netherlands


Summary discussion and closing remarks


Close of session







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