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cd03 - Challenges of predicting thermospheric variability for satellite operations and the role of geospace indices

Thursday 28 October – 13:45 - 15:00 (BST)


H2020 SWAMI models: DTM2020 and MCM
Sean Bruinsma, CNES , France


The Extended Unified Model: Progress and Challenges
David Jackson, Met Office, UK


Dynamical coupling between the lower thermosphere and ionosphere via the nonmigrating diurnal tide as revealed by concurrent satellite data and numerical models
Federico Gasperini, ASTRA LLC


Downsampled Radio Occultation Observations for Data Assimilation Models
Elizabeth George, University of Birmingham, UK


Nowcasting and Predicting the Kp Index Using Historical Values and Real-Time Observations
Yuri Shprits, GFZ, Germany

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