Registration for ESWW 2021 is now closed.

Guidance for Presenters

ALL ESWW2021/ESWW17 live oral sessions will be undertaken in “Breakout Rooms” on Zoom, even if there is only one session running at the time.  Remember, as a presenter, you are expected to share the Slideshow screen immediately, and not the PowerPoint file itself to enable all the session to run smoothly and to maximise you “talk time” as a presenter.

Please ensure you have updated to the latest version of Zoom (for Windows, this is Version 5.8.1 (1435) – and can be obtained here: - for Android, Linux, and IOS, the latest version number may differ).

For the tutorial on Monday at 09:00UT/10:00BST, please initially join the LIVE TUTORIAL breakout room in Zoom and you will be instructed on which other breakout room(s) to join for tutorial group work by the instructor(s) during the session.

Please find attached some basic guidance to get you started with the Events Air platform, and also with joining the relevant breakout rooms in Zoom.  Please READ this through carefully and feel free to experiment and find your way around the Events Air platform.

Follow us on Twitter @ESWW2021 ( and feel free to interact, tweet, retweet as you wish and try to use the hashtags #ESWW2021 and #SpaceWeather every time you tweet as well as tagging in the meeting using @ESWW2021 – thanks!

Finally, as a reminder, you can test Zoom here: - but please remember that the Zoom link for the live session can ONLY be found by clicking through the sessions inside the Events Air platform – please DO NOT E-Mail to request the Zoom link as it will not be passed on outside of the Events Air platform – this is shown clearly in the attached.