The 17th European Space Weather Week (ESWW17/ESWW2020) is Postponed to 25-29 October 2021 which will now be known as ESWW2021.


  • Mario M. Bisi (UKRI STFC RAL Space) (Chair)
  • Alexi Glover (ESA) (Vice Chair)
  • Peter Beck (RAS)
  • Anna Belehaki (NOA)
  • Volker Bothmer (UGOE)
  • Sacha Brun (CEA)
  • Ellen Clarke (UKRI NERC BGS)
  • Barbara-Ann Curran (Met Office) [Ex Offico - LOC]
  • Daniel Heynderickx (DH Consultancy)
  • Johan Idestroem (OHB)
  • David Jackson (Met Office) [Ex Offico - ISES]
  • Piers Jiggens (ESA)
  • Jean Lilensten (CNRS-IPAG) [Ex Offico - JSWSC]
  • Juha-Pekka Luntama (ESA) [Ex Offico - ESA]
  • Barbara Matyjasiak (CBK-PAN)
  • Stefaan Poedts (KU Leuven) [EX-Offico - SWWT]
  • Ronald Van der Linden (ROB)
  • Nicole Vilmer (OBSPM)
  • Barbara-Ann Curran (Met Office) (Chair)
  • Mario M. Bisi (UKRI STFC RAL Space) (Vice Chair)
  • Claire Garland (IOP) (Vice Chair)
  • Mark Gibbs (Met Office)
  • Olivia Greenall (BEIS)
  • Jackie Davies (UKRI STFC RAL Space)
  • Mike Willis (UKSA)
  • Matt Angling (Spire) [Local to venue]
  • Hina Khan (Spire) [Local to venue]
  • Jonathan Eastwood (Imperial College London)
  • Lucie Green (UCL-MSSL) [Outreach - coordination with PR Teams]
  • Anthony Yeates (Durham University)
  • Rob Fear (University of Southampton)
  • Ewan Haggarty (Airbus DS UK)
  • Matt O’Donnell (Airbus DS UK)
  • Timo Laitinen (UCLAN)
  • Mark Lester (University of Leicester)
  • Reuben Wright (Deimos Space UK)
  • Sean Elvidge (University of Birmingham) [PhD Student Coordinator]
  • Shaun Bloomfield (Northumbria University)

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