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cd05 Research and Operations Interoperability

Convenors: Janet Barzilla (Leidos), Mike Marsh (UK Met Office), Kerry Lee (NASA) and Judith Depatoul (Royal Observatory of Belgium)

An ongoing challenge within the space weather community is a successful interchange between space weather research and operational forecasting. Traditionally within the community, this is termed Research to Operations (R2O), Operations to Research (O2R), or an amalgamation of the two. Here, we want to approach the subject from the higher-level concept of interoperability to illustrate the sense that R2O and O2R are not distinct and that interoperability between research and operations offers mutual benefits. For example, improving fundamental research by using data from operational activities in turn leads to improving forecasting capabilities. Operational entities have an interest in applying the results of this research both to the improvement of pre-existing and to the development of new space weather models. Common goals are to minimise the duplication of effort involved in the creation of operational forecasting suites.

We welcome all submissions relevant to interoperability between space weather research and operational forecasting. These might include relevant areas such as research evaluation and development, needs of operations and research domains, standards and frameworks, readiness and usability levels, communication and best practices, successful and unsuccessful examples of projects involving research and operations, or political, technological or commercial perspectives.