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cd01 Advances in space weather forecasting and in assessment of cosmical radiation impact on astronauts during space missions

Conveners: Elena Popova (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology) and Robert von Fay-Siebenburgen (University of Sheffield)

In connection with the planned rising number of short- and long-term space missions planned in the near future, the reliable assessment of space radiation and the associated forecast of space weather conditions have become real challenging tasks.

This Session is devoted to take stock of the recent advances in the assessment and the forecast of space weather for various variants of human missions to Mars, for orbital and planned lunar stations. Such analysis plays key role in our understanding of radiation risks for astronauts and for developing effective shielding and radioprotectors.
In the frame of the Session talks are of particular interest, in which recent advances are presented in our physical understanding about the processes that occur at the Sun (as well as at near the Earth and planets) and are critical ingredients to develop reliable forecast methods. Besides discussing the progress made recently in this area, we would particularly welcome contributions about long-term forecasting, including studies of very rare extreme events. Further, addressing our capabilities of the relevant remote sensing would also be welcome.

Last but not least, we would welcome contributions in which reviews or original studies are presented about the mechanisms of radiation effects on human health for a better understanding of the degree of influence of cosmic radiation during crewed space missions.