Topical Discussion Meetings (the PC are evaluating the situation at present).

Participants at European Space Weather Week (ESWW) conference actively contribute to the content. Topical Discussion Meetings are an important part of the programme and are organised by a round table format with plenty of room for interaction. Discussions on the newest insights in space weather, on the challenges and threats that space weather imposes, discussions on science, data exploitation, observations, service development, operational models, engineering, industrial challenges, ... all are relevant and eligible for a Topical Discussion Meeting. 


A Topical Discussion Meeting aims at active participation or interaction between the participants. The participants work and discuss on a predefined theme or problem heading towards an outcome or target. 

TDM leaders are encouraged to allow participation across in-room and electronic interaction for those who want to ask a question anonymously or prefer not to have to put their hand up during the event. 

Follow up

TDM conveners will be asked to make a report on their TDM. These reports will be made available on this webpage as soon as we received them. Check the ESWW2019 TDM page for the reports of last year. 

For TDM conveners

More on Topical Discussion Meetings and the template for the report

Approaching deadlines:

Call for TDMs open:

17 May 2021

Call for abstract submission opening:

17 May 2021

Call for TDMs closes:

9 July 2021

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