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Parallel Sessions

The ESWW parallel sessions form the main component of the conference at which new space weather research, tools and services are presented. The parallel sessions are divided into 2 types: Space Weather Research (SWR) and 100% Community-Driven (100CD). Both types of parallel sessions are convened by members of the space weather community who have applied to do this (in the case of ESWW2021 the announcement for this was made already in 2020). The key difference is that the SWR sessions have fixed overall recurrent themes whereas the 100CD sessions are topical for the specific year including the titles and abstract. The SWR sessions also have a flavour for that year and are broad enough that relevant research will always find a place where it can be submitted to ESWW.

Oral presentations will be nominally 15 minutes in duration including questions (at the discretion of session convenors). Posters/Quick Views will be assigned a board (for the in-person component) on which the poster can be found any time during ESWW. The committee are happy to consider multiple submissions. For those joining online, Quick Views will be implemented.

More details on the two types of parallel sessions and the links to their descriptions are given below.

SWR - Space Weather Research parallel sessions

ESWW2021 will have 6 parallel SWR sessions:

100CD - 100% Community-Driven parallel sessions

ESWW2021 will have 6 parallel CD sessions: